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Appetizers To Zucchini
The Ultimate Cookbook from A to Z
Featuring over 18,000 favorite family recipes, from 80+ cookbooks from churches, families, clubs and more.

Appetizers• Breads • Cooking Tips Desserts • Fish & Meats • Main Dishes Specialities

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A CD ROM with over 18,000 favorite family recipes, all available in seconds.
Recipes from 80+ recipe books gathered from across the USA
LDS (Mormon) Church Groups and auxillaries [50+]
Communities/Clubs/Churches [15+]
Family Organizations [9]
Other Sources [10+]

These books are complied by members submitting their families favorite recipes. They are down to earth, practical and fun. We summarized and catagorized all the books into one. You can look in one place and see recipes from many sources. Amazing.
Find Craft Recipes for making clay, play dough, colors of ink, etc. Lots of ideas from our Cub Scout CD's
Plan meals from start to finish. Have meal ideas at your fingertips, not in your cubboard or on top of your fridge.
Organized by General Food Categories then specific types of food. Click here to see the available selection.
Searchable database. Search by keyword to find specific special types of food (dutch oven, crock pot, food storage, etc.) or use in combination with full text search to find all "casseroles" made with "chicken". You can even search by ingredient!
Find specialities for any recipes such as "Mexican", "Italian","Dutch Oven", "Crock Pot", "Food Storage" and more.
Practical, everyday recipes. Easy to find, easy to make, better to eat.
Great gift ideas for any occasion.
Uses DigiMagic 6.1 to search the material. This software can also search all of our other products.Thus, as you add to your library, you can simultaneously search all the CD's at one time [databases from CD's must be copied to hard drive].

When you locate the page, you view the original recipe page from the book. Print it, view it, make it, enjoy it. Nothing is faster and more complete.
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A2Z Appetizers to Zucchini Over 18,000 favoritie family recipes
For Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 (CD-Rom) NEW

Resources for Cub Scout, Youth Leaders, Families

PWR 2.0 Pow Wow Rom Version 2 for Windows CD-Rom. The Ultimate CD for Cub Scout Leaders. Nearly 13,000 pages, from over 70 Pow Wow books organized by General theme, then type of activity. Has full text searching and actual themes through Feb 2001.
For Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
PWR EFWL. Especially for Webelos Leaders. Over 5,000 pages organized by skill groups, activity badges, and type of activity (games, crafts, cooking, activities, etc). Full text search over 70% of pages. For Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
PWR Trapper Trails Library. A collection of over 11,000 pages from Pow Wow books from the North Utah area. Search/view/print pages. (40 books of material).Full text search over 70% of pages
For Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
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