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About our Services

Since 1992, Animatics, Inc. has been an innovator in making information easier to locate, retrieve and store. By offering total custom solutions, each CD we produce has been tuned to address the customer’s unique needs.

Conveniently located approximately 50 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Animatics is the one to look to for handling small to medium sized jobs.

Legal Case Organization

The never-ending stream of documentation required in large law trials can either be a blessing or a nightmare. Depositions have been available for full text search for years, however, we can take ALL materials: scanned documents, text files, spreadsheets, most computer generated electronic documents and organize it into a seamless CD-ROM.

Need to share the material with another law firm or attorneys? No problem. Additional CD’s can be produced, generally without licensing costs, enabling many people to share the data. The savings on copywork alone can justify document storage on CD-ROM.

Expert Witness Organization

The case has often been featured on the national evening news. The expert witness has spent a career following, collecting and documenting the related evidence on each occurrence. When called to testify, the expert would load boxes and boxes of evidence (photographs, reports on testing, accidents, legal, medical and other miscellaneous supporting information) documenting each incident. Not any more.

Today when the expert travels, he simply takes four CD-ROM’s that contain the largest database in the world collected in one place, and the information on any incident can be retrieved in seconds.

Why not organize your expertise, placing information into compact CD’s, fully turnkey and ready to run.

Scouting Resources

Animatics has created a series CD's containing resouce material for Boy and Cub Scout leaders everywhere. Material has been scanned, indexed and organized to allow volunteer leaders to have years of information available in seconds. Games, songs, crafts, things to do-- an incredible collection of material.

We can also work with your volunteer, professional, club or group to produce a custom CD-Rom containing your material. The demand already exisits, people don't have room for all the collections of paper, photo's, etc. Take your orders, we can build it!

Technical Manuals

A Fortune 500 company was faced with problems with a limited amount of technical manuals. Due to the vastness of the collection, reproducing them simply wasn’t an option.

Animatics recommended scanning the pages of the manuals and relating the scanned page with the text database already existing at the client’s facility.

The result was perfect, the pages could be retrieved from any PC. When a search was done on the text data, you retrieve the image of the document as well as the text. Innovation. Synergy! Speed! Smart!

Scrap Books, Journals and Family Histories

Using the same techniques that have been successfully applied in many industries, Animatics now brings their expertise to the consumer/family market. How many of you have files full of photographs, slides, report cards, correspondence, journals, reports from school, journals from parents, ancestors and more?

Organizing this material is one step. Now try reproducing it for the entire family that spans multiple generations. Under traditional "copy", "paste up", "next binder" type of approach, the cost of duplicating one copy can be enormous.

By organizing the material on CD, the information can be shared quite inexpensively, with the ease of CD duplication.. Think about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to view the desired information in seconds, rather than combing through file after file, binder after binder looking for it? Give us a call, let us put our expertise to work with you.

Animatics, Inc
Product Line

Animatics, Inc. produces resource material to make life more enjoyable, for young people and those who work with them. We create resources packed with things to make, do, see, as well as songs to sing, games to play, food to fix, and more. Refer to the document "Animatics Product Line" for a complete recap.