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All this talk of Pow Wow, what is it?
Since the late 1960's volunteer Cub Scout leaders around the Country have held an annual event called Pow Wow. This is attended by Cub Scout Leaders who want specific ideas on types of activities to do for the coming year. Boy Scouts of America produces a monthly "Theme" and the yearly activities are based on these themes. A Pow Wow book is a collection of ideas, activites, songs, crafts, and more that relate to the themes of the coming year. These books, offer a fantastic collection of ideas, produced by volunteers, for volunteers. Each book is unique and volunteers around the country contribute tried and true ideas to make Scouting fun.
What type products do you have?
CD-ROM's that run under Windows®. They contain games, skits, crafts, songs and many other resources Cub Scout leaders have used for the past 30 years to make growing up fun. The pages can be easily located, then view it, print it then Do It.

The Pow Wow Rom Version 2.0 is organized by "General Themes" [Click here for an example] . For each theme you select the type of activity you desire [Click here to see the activities]. This CD contains over 13,000's of pages of resources available in seconds, not in your files, garage or endlessly searching the internet for ideas.

The PWR: Especially for Webelos Leaders CD is geared for ages 9-99 and is organized by major skill areas [Click here for an example] and then by Webelos Activity Badges [Click here for an example], and finally by the types of activities available for that activity badge [Click here for an example].
I already have books, or I use the internet why would I want a CD?
The CD-Rom is organized so you can spend your time more effectively. Ideas are organized under specific themes, with activities related to each theme available in seconds. Why spend hours looking for fun ideas, when you can find tried and true ones in seconds? Print desired page for each member and do the activity. Because the CD takes a minimal of space, it doesn't require a storage shed to be a volunteer youth leader.

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Resources for Youth Leaders
PWR 2.0 Pow Wow Rom Version 2 for Windows CD-Rom. The Ultimate CD for Cub Scout Leaders. Nearly 13,000 pages, from over 70 Pow Wow books organized by General theme, then type of activity. Has full text searching and actual themes through Feb 2001.
For Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
PWR EFWL. Especially for Webelos Leaders. Over 5,000 pages organized by skill groups, activity badges, and type of activity (games, crafts, cooking, activities, etc). Full text search over 70% of pages. For Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
PWR:TT PWR Trapper Trails Library. A collection of over 11,000 pages from Pow Wow books from the North Utah area. (40 books of material).
For Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0
Only available through Trapper Trails Council Trading Post at (801) 627-5636
Resources for those that like to eat
A2Z Appetizers to Zucchini Over 18,000 favoritie family recipes. From churches, families, clubs... For Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 (CD-Rom) NEW $16.95

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