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"What a cool resource...Grand Canyon Council Pow Wow book are a real treasure of Cub Scout trainers everywhere. Having it on Rom just made my day!"
K.G., Santee, CA

"CD-Rom is GREAT!"
L.F., Spring Hill, FL

C.R., District Trainer, Mesa, AZ

"Looks to be a great resource! Thanks"
D.M, Clayton, NM

"Great Job!"
C.M., Mesa, AZ

"Boy Scouts doesn't endorse this product. I do."
B.B., Pow Wow Chairman, Phoenix, AZ

"It's a great product...I've already had a couple of people tell me that they pulled off a couple of ideas for their next Pack/Den meeting. That's great! ... As a PW book collector, I appreciate what you've put together here. Thanks!"
H.M, Pow Wow Chairman, Los Angeles, CA

"This product will be very helpful in my pack planning, thanks for producing a good product."
V.H., Mayodan, NC

people seemed very excited about it. The members of my staff who have seen it are really excited about it..."
B.H., Pow Wow Chairman, San Diego, CA

"...I had my secretary search through my old Pow Wow books for a 3 or 4 page listing of Cub Scout terminology...After an exhausting search, she located it." Developers Note: This same document was found in seconds by searching for the word "terminology" in the document title portion of Pow Wow Rom Query..
Discussion between scout volunteer leader and developer of Pow Wow Rom

"FANTASTIC! I received the Pow Wow Rom yesterday and stayed up until 2:00am just going through it. This will be of great help for our Cub Pack and Roundtable meetings. Thanks!!!!"
P.S, Van Buren, AR

"Wonderful resources....so handy and easy to use. A must for all Scouters!"
D.W., Mesa, AZ

"Thank you for making your CD available to us Scouters."
T.S., Amarillo, TX

"I love it, I love it, I love it. I would recommend it to everyone"
Attendee, 1998 Scout Fair, San Diego, CA

"I want to thank you for this great resource... We have just begun to use all of the new ideas we got from the Pow Wow Rom..."
M.T., Griffin, GA

"I have zero computer skills, however, even I can use the CD. I use it every week to gather ideas for activities. Thanks!"
Attendee, 1999 Pow Wow, San Diego, CA

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