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General Questions

How does DigiMagic work so fast at retrieving data?
Animatics, Inc. designed Pow Wow Rom Products around the concept KISMIF. That is, keep it simple, make it fun. Information has been organized in a simple format to allow quick access to the topic you desire. Since much of the "overhead" is eliminated, you find what you need, with great speed, and have a fun time in the process. Animatics uses this same software in the design of image databases for engineers, attorneys, expert witnesses and others.

Technical Questions

I've loaded DigiMagic™ 4.1, however, I can't find any file called PWR.ALD or other file with the *.ALD extention

When you install DigiMagic 4.1, you place approximately 4 megabytes of software on your hard drive. When setup is complete an "Open File" screen appears, waiting for you to select the database to open. The database is the file with the ".ALD" extention. It is not a file folder, rather a file that should display with a 'CD' or 'text page' icon, and resides in the root directory of the CD.

To open, click on "Open" and then use the downarrow on the menu bar and move up a directory or two until you can highlight your CD drive. When you click on this drive, you will see the ".ALD" in the main (root) directory. If your system has the file extentions hidden, you will only see two files with the same name, select the one with the "text page" or "CD" icon (not the file folder), and Pow Wow Rom will open.

Click the "*.ALD" file and the program will open up. Following the install, the pointer will correctly locate and open the CD, all you will will need to do is place the CD in your CD-ROM drive, and click the DigiMagic Icon.

I've installed DigiMagic™ , however, I'm still prompted to insert the CD in the CD-ROM drive before I can use-how come?

As mentioned above, the install of DigiMagic installs search software (approx 4 MB) that enables you to search the CD. The actual pages of information remain on the CD. This preserves your hard drive space, while enabling you quicker access to the information (compared to searching directly from the CD-Rom drive). Thus, the CD must be in the CD Drive in order to use it.

DigiMagic™ 6.1

I'm searching directly from CD, without installation by clicking on "Search.exe" on the CD-ROM. However, when I click on the users manual, it mentions something about "PDF" and loading a program to view these files, why can't I see it?

This version (6.1) has the ability to view Adobe® PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. In order to do so, you must install the software, which, in additional to installing DigiMagic 6.1, it also installs Adobe Acrobat Reader, this enables you to view these types of documents.

I've installed the CD, however, when I click on the users manual, it opens up another program called Adobe® Acrobat Reader. What is this and can I close this program?

As mentioned above, DigiMagic™ can view hundreds of file formats. The PDF format is used in certain databases, and in order to view them, you must use Adobe® Acrobat Reader. If you want to save memory, you can close the Adobe® program when finished viewing any PDF files (you can tell by the unique icon).

I've been using DigiMagic 4.1 and just received a new CD with DigiMagic 6.1. Which do I use?

Version 4.1 can only read 4.1 CD's. Therefore, if you have version 4.1 installed, uninstall it, then simply install version 6.1 from one of the CD's [only needs to be installed from 1 CD], you have ordered. This new version of the software will be able to read Databases (file with the "ALD" extension) from any of the CD's. That is, version 6.1 can read databases from version 4.1 as well as version 6.1, however, 4.1 CAN NOT read databases from 6.1. Do the following:

1. Uninstall version 4.1 (If you have this version installed).

2. Install version 6.1 from one of the CD's.

3. Place the CD to be searched into the CD Drive.

4. Start DigiMagic by Clicking on the icon on your desktop (magician's hat/wand).

5. From the menu, select File, Open, and then select your CD drive.

6. On each of the CD's, the file to be opened has an extension of "ALD".

7 If you can't see the extension, you will notice both a folder and a file with the same name. The file sometimes displays as a small CD or a page of text. Double click this and the database will open up. Follow the same procedures to open the other CD's.

Can I search more than one database at a time?

Yes. If you have a CD-ROM drive that can handle more than on CD, you can insert them, them open the desired databases. You can also copy the contents of the CD [both the "ALD" file AND the folder with the same name] to the hard drive and do the same thing. Be advised, however, that the CD's can contain as much as 650MB.

I just received Appetizers to Zucchini and there are so MANY recipes. I tried to use the SEARCH portion of the CD but got an error message that Search cannot open e:/pwrefwl.ald. Can you tell me what I may be doing wrong?

You must also have the CD "Pow Wow Rom: Especially for Webelos Leaders". When you search, you define what databases you want to search, in your case, just the Appetizers CD. Currently it is trying to seach "All Databases", simply change this to the CD you want to search. You can see this under "Search Groups" after you click on the binoculars to search.

This is a fun CD, hope you like it and pass the word along.



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