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Pow Wow RomTrapper Trails Library Edition

What is it??
Cub scout things to do (games, skits, activities, ceremonies) on CD-ROM that runs under Windows® 95, 98 or NT 4.0

Over 11,000 pages of resouces compiled by volunteer Scouters from the North Utah area.

Plan meetings from start to finish. Fun ideas at your fingertips, not in your files or garage.

Organized by general themes (Blue and Gold | Fire, Emergency 911 | Folklore, Knights, Heros, Dinosaurs), followed by the types of activities available for each theme (songs, crafts, ceremonies, skits,etc.). Print pages directly from your PC.

Search by keyword to find original Cub Scout themes (1975-2002) and activities (crafts, skits, games, songs, etc.). Also find information for particular months, such as all skits or games for a particular month (say October or December)

Search approximately 70% of all the text from the scanned pages. Find adjancent text, for example, find occurances of "dutch oven" only when they appear together on a page. You elect to search just keywords, just the text or both!

Print desired pages. No more trips to the copy store. See actual pages on screen and review before printing

Like to eat? Try the Cooking section for great ideas and recipes.

Put Pizzaz into your pack, den, school, youth group or any group with songs, games, skits, puppets, cooking and more!

Organized so you can spend your time more effectively. Simply put, it's an electronic Pow Wow book, full of useful and fun ideas. Brings the creative tal-ents of Pow Wow contributors together in one place, you will never be without an idea for your next activity.

System Requirements (minimum)
IBM compatible, Pentium 75
16 MB Ram CD-Rom Drive 35 MB available hard drive space
Windows® 95, 98 or NT 4.0

To Order Contact:
Trapper Trails Council Trading Post
Ogden, Utah
(801) 627-5636

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