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Pow Wow Rom™ Version 2.0

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What is it??
Cub scout things to do (games, skits, activities, ceremonies) on CD-ROM that runs under Windows® 95, 98 or NT 4.0

Over 13,000 pages of resouces compiled by volunteer Scouters (over 80 Pow Wow books and other resources)

Whats different from version 1.0?
1- Actual themes through Feb 2001. The CD is organized by "General Theme", that is all the likekind themes are grouped together. However, you can also use the search tool to find the "Actual theme" and pages that are more specific.

2- Improved combination of actual themes into "General" themes or catagories. This enables you to use the CD as resource reguardless of what a given theme may be called

3-Enhanced breakdown of activities. For examples, Ceremonies is broken into open, close, flag, advancement, etc.

4- Full Text Searching. This has been an often requested item and very powerful. You now can elect to search the text, or the indexed fields or both. The text portion gives you access to approx 70% of the material and works great. For example, a neat search on the word "railroad" will retrieve songs that use the tune "I've been working on the railroad".5-

5-More Material. The original PWR has approx 7500 pages. The Webelos pages were removed and placed on a separate CD "Pow Wow Rom: EFWL" . We then added pages from over 50 different Pow Wow books gathered from the across the USA, bringing the total to over 13,000 pages. It is truely an amazing product.

6-New Search Engine. DigiMagic 6.1 ships with the CD providing faster access and more complex searching. You can even search more than database at a time. That is, if you have more than one product, you can search the contents of all the CD's at one time.

Search by keyword to find original Cub Scout themes and activities (crafts, skits, games, songs, etc.). Also find information for particular months, such as all skits or games for a particular month (say October or December)

Search approximately 70% of all the text from the scanned pages. Find adjancent text, for example, find occurances of "dutch oven" only when they appear together on a page. You elect to search just keywords, just the text or both!

Print desired pages. No more trips to the copy store. See actual pages on screen and review before printing

Like to eat? Search for activity "201 cooking recipes". See also our recipe CD-Appetizers to Zucchini

Put Pizzaz into your pack, den, school, youth group or any group with songs, games, skits, puppets, cooking and more!

Who should get this product?
For Cub Scouts: Tiger Cub leaders, Wolf Den Leaders, Bear Den Leaders, Cub Masters
For Families: Parents with children ages 6-15, find fun activities, games, crafts, skits, puppets for all occasions.
For Youth Leaders: Any organization such as YMCA, YWCA, Girl Scouts, Ranger Scouts that has members in the 6-15 age group will find ideas that will improve their programs.

System Requirements (minimum)
IBM compatible, Pentium 75
16 MB Ram CD-Rom Drive 35 MB available hard drive space
Windows® 9X or higher

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